Your responsibility

Your responsibility as a building owner

The new asbestos laws of 2001 place the onus, for the correct cleaning and/or removal of all asbestos firmly on the building owner in their personal capacities.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 Regulations 2001 requires the building owner to obtain an asbestos inspection, which ascertains whether or not asbestos is present.

A register of asbestos compliance must be compiled once an Approved Asbestos Inspection Authority (AAIA) has carried out an inspection. This register must be retained for 40 years.

If asbestos is present, the AAIA will formulate a removal plan that must be executed by a government certified asbestos contractor such as Zendasat Pty (Ltd).

Zendasat Pty (Ltd) will supply quotations for such work.

On acceptance of our quotation the appointed AAIA will be responsible for monitoring the project from start to completion. On completion the AAIA will supply the building owner with all relevant documentation and a certificate of compliance.

In some cases, it is possible to treat or seal asbestos in situ, making removal unnecessary.

It is important to remember that AAIA’s are an autonomous group of government approved inspectors. The AAIA’s account is contracted directly to the building owner.

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