Waste removal
waste removal

Waste removal specifically related to asbestos

Asbestos waste removal is in essence hazardous waste removal. Hazardous waste can be described as waste or unwanted materials that have substantial or potential health or environment threats. Asbestos is one such material.

The legacy of asbestos causing diseases have plagued South Africa as in the 1970’s South Africa was the world’s 3rd largest asbestos producer and exporter. Workers in such asbestos mines and the transport workers that carried the material suffered health complications due to the toxicity of asbestos. Not only were people’s lives affected by this, environmental contamination also occurred.

With the banning of asbestos and subsequent legislation, the last of the asbestos mines ceased production in 2001 and closed in 2002. Unfortunately, many buildings and structures in South Africa and beyond still contain asbestos which pose a health and environmental threat, and subsequently a rise in the need of asbestos waste removal contractors arose. These contractors have to be approved, regulated and required to adhere to standards and guidelines in order to exist. Zendasat is one such contractor.

We exist to be a single point of contact service for:
  1. Notifications to the Department of Labour
  2. Plan of works, air monitoring and clearance certificates – Asbestos Approved Inspection Authority
  3. Registered asbestos contractor
  4. Waste disposal facility

Why is asbestos waste removal necessary?

Asbestos-containing materials can endanger the lives of people if they come into contact with these substances. The most dangerous asbestos materials are those which are friable (crumble or disintegrate easily) as these materials release microscopic fibres into the air which may be inhaled and potentially cause life-threatening diseases.

Asbestos can be present in either friable or hidden forms within buildings. Friable can be things such as loose insulation material and hidden forms are often in asbestos cement products.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, as far as practicable. If the machinery or content within the premises cannot be moved from inside a structure, we close up the machinery or equipment with plastic and tape it down. Once the stripping is done, the plastic is removed carefully and folded inwards to contain any dust and the goods wiped down. The AAIA will do a clearance inspection to ensure there is no contamination.
    If it’s complete demolition, then Zendasat cannot salvage materials. If it is for re-roofing then care will be taken for support structures and other infrastructure beneath the roof sheets however all electrical, fire, water must be deactivated in the work area. We cannot strip in a live zone. The sheets are removed manually, one by one, and passed down by hand.
    As we quote on an individual basis and take into account the scope of work needed, the cost will be determined upon request for quotation.
    It is impossible to determine via visual examination whether you have asbestos materials in your building, which is why proper testing should be conducted. Call us if you suspect you have asbestos in your building.
    The length of time it takes will depend on the scope of work involved. When requesting a quotation, you can request the approximate time it will take to complete.
    Usually this is not required, the area will be closed off and internal openings sealed off while work progresses.
    It is important to remember that the Approved Asbestos Inspection Authority (AAIA) is an autonomous group of government approved inspectors. The AAIA’s account is contracted directly to the building owner.
    Friable asbestos or asbestos which crumbles or disintegrates easily releases fibres into the air which can be inhaled. The inhalation or ingestion of these particles become trapped in mucous membranes, pass into the lungs and sometimes into the digestive tract. These fibres can cause lung cancer, asbestosis or mesothelioma. These illnesses are often terminal.

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