Waste Management
Waste Management

Responsible waste management

Waste management should be a safe and effective practice, especially when it comes to the removal of hazardous waste. Asbestos is classified as hazardous waste due to the detrimental affect it has had or can have on the health of people who are exposed to friable asbestos.

Our consultancy division offers a comprehensive range of services including asbestos surveys and re-inspections, asbestos sampling and testing as well as dedicated assistance in all areas relating to asbestos management. It is our aim to provide the benefits which are gained through our own continuing investment in technology and better practices to our clients and the country as a whole.

Types of asbestos abatement work

Zendasat employs accredited consultants for type I,II & III asbestos inspections and risk assessments.

Type I asbestos inspections:
This involves the removal of asbestos, which is used to prevent heat loss or gain, surfacing asbestos-containing materials as well as those suspected of containing asbestos.

Type II asbestos inspections:
This involves the removal of non-thermal asbestos containing materials. Non-thermal extends to walls, floors, sheeting and roofing.

Type III inspections:
This involves the repair and maintenance of any asbestos containing materials likely to be disturbed.


    Commitment and integrity

    We are committed to providing professional and responsible services that are bound by our work ethics of confidentiality, impartiality and integrity. You can expect only the best in service and expertise from our entire Zendasat team. We offer asbestos management achieved through commitment and expertise.

    Waste management and disposal requires asbestos-containing waste to be sealed in leak-tight containers while still wet, then labelled clearly and taken to qualified landfills that have specific requirements for securing the waste and preventing fibres from escaping into the air. Vehicles that transport the waste to the landfill, similarly, have specific requirements and labelling instructions that should be adhered to.

    We have clear policies on confidentiality, impartiality and integrity. This offers our clients a professional consultative service which they can trust in and rely upon. This long-term view ensures that our clients of today will still be benefiting from their partnership with us for years to come.

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