The need for regular fogging during the gradual ease of the lockdown

As the novel coronavirus brought about the current COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have drastically changed and the ‘new normal’ is here for the unforeseeable future. What remains to be done now is to insulate ourselves, as far as possible, from the spread of this virus until a vaccination is readily available. Chances are that even after a vaccination becomes available, another pandemic may bring us to our knees again sometime in the future.

So, what can we do? We can fight the spread of this virus by adhering to hygiene protocols set out by the World Health Organisation, as well as implementing the regulations required by the South African Government. COVID-19 has changed how we live, work, learn and engage. It is clear that regular decontamination and sterilisation will have to take place in areas where people gather. Shops, businesses, schools, churches and sporting arenas, to name but a few, will need regular deep cleaning and decontamination to curb the spread of the virus and to not overwhelm our health system.

In response to the systematic easing of lockdown, we have developed a Start-up Service package to assist businesses, schools and retailers prepare themselves for opening and for regular decontamination.
Our new Start-up Service

As lockdown starts to ease, the need to decontaminate your school, office or facility is required in order to protect your staff and those who make use of your premises. We offer a Start-up Service whereby we assist employers in welcoming their staff, learners, educators and customers back into a clean and safe environment, no matter the industry.

The South African Government has communicated various procedures, protocols and regulations that apply to each business, household etc. that should be adhered to during the ease of lockdown. Ensuring you have a plan of action in place, will go a long way to promoting a culture of safety and appreciation that your staff and customers will require in such uncertain times.

Zendasat can assist you by sanitising your office space, work area, vehicle, rest room, kitchen, canteen, training room, classroom, factory, and list goes on.

During the lockdown period, many people may have become relaxed in terms of proper hygiene, however, you as a business owner may need to ensure that your staff and visitors are on high alert and similarly protected. We therefore provide you with hand sanitiser, as a value-added service to this start up service, allowing your staff, learners, consumers and visitors to practice good hygiene. We aim to provide a total solution in decontamination and sterilisation, as part of our Start-up Service offering. 

In addition to our start-up service, we offer two solutions in regular decontamination, namely our fogging service and our surface disinfection service.

  1. Zenda-fog

Hygiene and safety precautionary measures are now required, whether you own a school, a shop, a factory, salon or run a hotel or hospital. We offer all industries in the private and public sector an affordable and holistic decontamination service with the use of our Zenda-fog fogging service.

  1. Silver hydrogen peroxide surface disinfection

For the general disinfection of all work surfaces in any industry or sector, silver hydrogen peroxide is recommended as it is a no-wipe and no-rinse biodegradable substance which is 100% non-toxic.

Benefits of regular decontamination

  • Decontamination kills 99.9% of infectious agents including COVID-19
  • Adherence to health and safety regulations required by the government
  • Consumer confidence increases due to regular decontamination practices
  • Colds, flu and other viruses or bacteria are less of a health risk during flu season
  • Non-corrosive and non-toxic
  • All types of areas, surfaces and hard to reach places are tackled

Which industries or sectors should make use of professional decontamination services:

  • Schools, universities or any teaching and learning environment
  • Libraries
  • Agriculture and livestock industry
  • Hospitals, clinics and mobile clinics
  • Consulting or medical rooms of any nature
  • Step-down and hospice facilities
  • Frail care facilities
  • Bottling, warehousing or manufacturing sector
  • Logistics or storage industry
  • Retail sector
  • Hospitality, entertainment and accommodation industry
  • Sports facilities
  • Casinos and entertainment arenas
  • Gym, fitness or spa sector
  • Cold storage
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Filtration plants
  • Public transport vehicles and entities

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