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Decontamination and sterilisation exist to remove or neutralise chemical and biological agents in order to prevent them from posing a hazard to people, animals or the environment. Many decontaminating procedures or chemicals are toxic, require large resources or manpower or use excessive amounts of water. Toxic chemicals in turn are then hazardous to the environment.

Zendasat identified the need for large scale decontamination by means of an environmentally kind fogging method. Zenda-fog contains all the necessary components scientifically proven to kill bacteria and viruses – even those that are airborne. Zenda-fog can disinfect hard, soft and all hard to reach places by completely covering an area through a fogging method.

The importance of regular decontamination and disinfection

The spread of bacteria and viruses in schools, places of work, shops and within homes becomes problematic as those with weakened immune systems are affected as they are at the mercy of life-threatening situations. This is especially true in the case of pandemics, as recently seen in the H1N1 pandemic and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even if pandemics are not in play, all industries and establishments should strive for a high level of hygiene and decontamination at all times, as the older people are, the greater the danger disease poses to them. It is the responsibility of every business and homeowner to ensure that their spaces are cleaned and sanitised properly and on a regular basis, in order to keep the spread of illnesses at bay. Even those that are not life-threatening.

Hygiene and safety precautionary measures are all part and parcel of good business practice, whether you own a school, a shop, a factory, salon or run a hotel or hospital. Zendasat offers all industries in the private and public sector an affordable and holistic decontamination service with the use of Zenda-fog.

    Benefits of Zenda-fog

    1. All types of surfaces can be decontaminated and sterilised.
    2. A proven 99.9% bacteria kill rate.
    3. Zero harmful by-products.
    4. Non-corrosive.
    5. Asthma and sensitive skin sufferers are not affected.
    6. Simple to dose.
    7. Cost-effective sterilisation method.
    8. One product offers multiple uses.
    9. Zenda-fog degrades into water and oxygen post disinfection.

    Fogging disinfection should only be undertaken by professional applicators such as ourselves. We provide specialist assessments, advice and fogging. As working with Zenda-fog is a hazardous activity, only professional application contractors may provide such services.

    Surface disinfection with silver hydrogen peroxide

    Silver hydrogen peroxide is used widely as a reliable surface disinfectant. Many industries make use of this broad spectrum eco-friendly and biodegradable disinfectant for a range of applications such as in the food and beverage industry, dairy industry, breweries, process industry and more. This method of disinfections is suited to most applications besides those of coloured fabrics. For general disinfection of all work surfaces including sanitary facilities and more, silver hydrogen peroxide is recommended as it is a no-wipe or rinse biodegradable substance.
    Benefits of surface disinfection with silver hydrogen peroxide:
    • Removes stubborn biofilm layers.
    • No harmful residue is left post disinfection.
    • No odours or stains.
    • Spray or fogging method can be used.
    • Compatible with almost any surface type.
    • No rinsing or wiping post disinfectant required.
    • Wide range of applications.
    • Antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.
    • Prevents the spread of airborne diseases.
    • Effective for air, water, soil or surface disinfection.
    • Kills 99.9% of infectious agents.
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

    The use of silver hydrogen peroxide is effective in the fight against all infectious agents which have considerable health risks associated with them. We use an agent which is effective in disinfecting spaces, equipment and more against bacteria, viruses (sheathed and unsheathed), yeasts, protozoa, fungi and biofilms. Due to this agent being oxidising in nature, it has been tested and confirmed as being non-toxic.

    Application suitable to:
    • Livestock industry
    • Agricultural industry
    • Medical industry
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Commercial industry
    • Retail industry
    • Warehousing industry
    • Manufacturing industry
    • Water treatment
    • Filtration plant
    • Education and childcare industry
    • Entertainment industry
    • Gym and spa industry
    • Hospitality industry
    • Cold storage
    • Transport industry

    For a quote, assessment, fogging or disinfection services, get in touch with us today. We are an essential services provider and are open in health emergency situations.