Moving homes? Decontaminate the house with Zendasat

Moving homes? Decontaminate the house with Zendasat
Selling or buying a home comes with a tick list of what needs to be taken care of whether you are the seller or the buyer. Once a home or office or business space has been vacated, various actions typically take place such as repairing broken items, repainting walls, and of course deep cleaning. With the recent pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus COVID-19, one would now need to sterilise or decontaminate too.
Which properties should decontaminate pre-occupancy?
  • All homes, apartments, and granny flats
  • Rooms for the elderly or frail
  • Offices
  • Medical establishments
  • Factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants
  • Temporary accommodation facilities
  • Classrooms
  • Stores or shops

Homeowners or lessees should also consider decontaminating their houses before moving especially if they have family members who are at a high-risk of needing medical care due to COVID-19 infections. Homeowners and lessees who have, or live with family members, with diabetes, high blood pressure, lung diseases, asthma, cancer, or any immune-compromised diseases will benefit from sterilised spaces. The peace of mind that comes with moving into a decontaminated home is priceless.

Stringent hygiene measures and control is possible through the use of thermal or ULV fogging. Decontamination fogging can only be carried out by trained and professional applicators such as ourselves. Approved safety measures and protocols are adhered to during the fogging process which ensures compliance with all regulations required.

Those who would like to lease out or sell their homes, can also add a decontamination service to the offering which will entice buyers and lessees too. The spread of COVID-19 can be diminished by the use of regular decontamination or sterilisation methods. We are experts in this field and are ready to advise and quote you on your specific needs.

Get in touch with us if you require a quote on professional and controlled disinfection, we offer once-off and regular disinfection services. Choose between our Decontamination Fogging service or our Surface Sterilisation service.