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Scientists the world over are focused on investigating, analysing and understanding the development of the coronavirus in a bid to reduce infections, limit contaminations and help us as a race to survive this new health threat.
We currently know that:
  • Coronavirus is spread through airborne droplets, which infects the respiratory canals of humans through inhalation or through touch. The virus survives and remains infectious in these droplets for a period of up to 3 hours.
  • The virus lives longer on some surfaces than others.
  • On hard, shiny surfaces (like glass, counter tops, plastic and stainless steel), the virus lasts for up to 72 hours.
  • On porous surfaces (such as cardboard, paper and fabrics), the virus lasts up to 24 hours.
As humans, we are encouraged to frequently wash our hands with soap and water and, use a high alcohol-based hand sanitizer to destroy any traces of the virus on our hands. As a business owner, surface and premises decontamination is your responsibility, and this is where Zendasat can be of service to you.

Our Zenda-Fog is a decontamination fogger scientifically proven to destroy viruses, like the coronavirus. The product attaches to hard and soft surfaces to kill all viruses found on those surfaces. By completely covering walls, floors and other surfaces and other hard to reach areas, this product successfully removes all traces of virus.
Unique features of Zenda-Fog:
  • 99% proven bacterial kill rate
  • Effective against resistant naked viruses such as Coronaviruses
  • Very low toxicity
  • Coverage of difficult to reach areas
  • No harmful by-products, non-corrosive
  • Safe for asthma or sensitive skin sufferers
  • Safe for pets
  • Odour, colour and taste free
  • Affordable
  • Excellent biodegradability and low environmental impact
Our Zenda-fog decontamination system is effective for:
  • Machinery
  • Storage facilities
  • Food preparation and cleaning areas
  • Office environments, including desks, tables and chairs
  • Transport vehicles and similar environments

Our team is available through lockdown as an essential service to perform decontamination fogging for COVID-19.  Please contact us for a quotation.