coronavirus decontamination

Coronavirus Decontamination Fogging Service

Coronavirus decontamination for all spaces, surfaces and equipment is possible with our specialist Zenda-fog sterilisation. It’s taken less than 3 months for COVID‑19 to bring the world to its knees, and although there is still much to learn about this virus, it has become clear, that our role and responsibilities are to do all that we can to flatten the curve and to avoid further contamination.

There is still much to learn about COVID-19, but thanks to the swift and good work done by the World Health Organisation, we know that this is an enveloped virus that probably originates from animals and is further transmitted between humans.

The extent of the exact route of transmission is still under investigation, but it is fact that that the aerosols released by a cough or a sneeze by the infected, are a verified source of further infection. It is also spread through simple touch – the virus lives for up to 4 hours on copper, 24 hours and on plastic and 72 hours on stainless steel.

So how do we tackle this? We prevent the spread!! We do what our mothers told us and practice personal hygiene. But we extend our care and act responsibly to those that work for us, live with us and dine with us. Life as we have come to know it will go back to normal eventually, but our places of work and living will require extreme cleanliness makeovers to ensure a safe space for people to return to eventually.

We provide Coronavirus Decontamination with Zenda-fog

Our coronavirus decontamination process insists that spaces are disinfected with the right application to destroy the pathogens related to this virus. Our product allows for the virus to be reduced with a log 4, this is a 10 000-fold reduction!


Our disinfectant Zenda-fog contains multiple components which are scientifically proven to kill viruses.


It can disinfect hard, soft and hard to reach surfaces. This allows for multiple industries to take advantage of our service.


The areas are decontaminated and disinfected by fogging with our Zenda-fog product. This is crucial because airborne viruses must be decontaminated. Fogging completely covers and decontaminates walls, floors and any other surface efficiently & effectively. This includes hard to reach areas and any equipment.

  • Surface and equipment coronavirus decontamination
  • Machinery
  • Storage facilities
  • Food preparation and cleaning areas
  • Desks, tables and office equipment
  • Transportation environment
Key benefits of coronavirus decontamination
  • 99.9% proven bacterial kill rate
  • No harmful by-products and totally non-corrosive in use
  • Improved user experience especially those with asthma or sensitive skin
  • Odour, colour and taste free
  • Cost effective and simple to dose
  • Multi-application, one product with multiple uses
  • Degrades into water and oxygen post disinfection

* Only undertake fogging of rooms with full specialist assessment and advice, fogging with disinfectant is a hazardous activity and should only be carried out by professional applicators.

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