Asbestos Removal Cost
Asbestos Removal Cost

Asbestos removal cost differs according to project scope

Providing an asbestos removal cost happens upon quotation on a project. The scope and size of a project differs from client to client, which is why the quotation is tailored to suit the needs of each project. We pride ourselves on providing the most cost-effective solutions to the residential and commercial sector in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Zendasat typical quote process

  1. Client requests quote.
  2. Site visit is conducted:
    • For removals: if so required.
    • For assessments/reporting/audits: a site visit is conducted after acceptance of quotation.
  3. Quote is given which includes for the removal and safe disposal of asbestos containing materials. The AAIA (Authorised Asbestos Inspection Authority) is a separate, yet compulsory cost.
  4. Client accepts quote to either remove or conduct an asbestos assessment.
  5. Asbestos removal is executed in the presence of an AAIA to ensure fibres are not released into the air.
  6. Asbestos is wrapped, removed from site and dumped at a hazardous waste dump.
  7. When removal is completed, the AAIA will conduct a clearance inspection to deem the area safe and free of asbestos.
Your asbestos removal cost will be provided upon quotation, we offer obligation free quotes on asbestos removal, management, inspection and certification.

Trained Experts

As only approved asbestos contractors may remove asbestos, you would be well advised to only work with professionals in this industry. Zendasat adheres to all regulations required by various stakeholders, thereby offering professional expertise and services to our clients. All our staff undergo asbestos training once a year to stay abreast of current and new asbestos regulations. This is a compulsory requirement for all Zendasat employees and extends to the admin and operations departments.

We adhere to the OSHA training requirements and our employees are subjected to:

  • Proper training for every employee exposed to airborne asbestos concentrations at or above the PEL limit. Training is on-going and employee attendance is mandatory.
  • As certificates expire, employees are retrained before expiry in order to keep certifications up to date.
  • Training facilities used ensure employee comprehension.
  • All employees are trained at least once a year.
  • Employee training records are kept as required.

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