asbestos removal certificate

Asbestos removal certificate

An asbestos removal certificate is only issued to contractors that are registered with the Department of Labour to do so. Any work where asbestos exists must follow due protocol approved by an Approved Asbestos Inspection Authority. Depending on the size of a project, we conduct tests at sites before removal, but we typically conduct tests at all sites.

The role of an Authorised Asbestos Inspection Authority

  • The AAIA (Authorised Asbestos Inspection Authority) is present on the first day of removal to ensure all our safety measures are in place before granting us permission to proceed with the removal. They stay and conduct an initial monitoring session. This is done by attaching a monitoring unit to the worker to measure if fibres are being released during the removal process.
  • On completion of the project, the inspection authority i.e. the AAIA will conduct a clearance survey to ensure the area is safe and free of asbestos. The AAIA will also conduct interim monitoring sessions to ensure that we perform our job according to regulation and without releasing fibres into the air.

The AAIA’s tasks will include:

  • Creating the Asbestos Plan of Works
  • Notification of asbestos works to the government departments
  • Air sampling
  • Sites visits
  • Compliance certification
The hiring of a professional and registered contractor to remove asbestos – no matter how big or small a task – is best practice when it comes to hazardous waste removal. Many people mistakenly think that the removal of such products can be done as a DIY project and will fail to either protect themselves, the environment or people in the vicinity adequately or fail to dispose of the material safely.

Registered asbestos contractors will remove asbestos by properly testing, following strict regulations and processes and possess the correct equipment to do so. They will also dispose of such toxic matter responsibly. This is all done whilst keeping their workers, citizens and the environment safe from exposure.

Certificate of Compliance

If you, as a building owner, discover that asbestos is present on your property, the AAIA will formulate a removal plan that must be executed by a government certified asbestos contractor such as Zendasat. Zendasat will then supply quotations for such work to the building owner.

On acceptance of our quotation, the appointed AAIA will be responsible for monitoring the project from start to completion. On completion the AAIA will supply the building owner with all relevant documentation and a certificate of compliance.

In some cases, it is possible to treat or seal asbestos in situ, making removal unnecessary.

    We are registered in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993, as amended and the Asbestos Regulations. We are approved by the Department of Employment and Labour as an Asbestos Contractor to conduct demolition work. Our asbestos removal certificate, or otherwise known as a Registered Asbestos Contractor can be found here.

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