Asbestos Regulation within South Africa

9-Sept-2020-FB NOTE
Asbestos has been used by builders, manufacturers and the construction industry since the 19th Century, due to the strength, durability and great insulation purposes. Mesothelioma in South Africa ranks among the highest across the globe. The high incidence of mesothelioma is due to South Africa’s history of asbestos mining and production. 2008 saw the end of the use of, manufacturing of, importing and exporting of asbestos in the country.
South Africa was global leader in asbestos production until it was banned. Unfortunately, due to the extensive mining and use, thousands of deaths have been caused by exposure to asbestos materials.
The Department of Labour has defined strict guidelines and regulations for the management and removal of asbestos. The regulations include:
  • Preparation of the site or work area
  • Asbestos airborne and dust control
  • PPE
  • Proper cleaning of the site or work are
We are accredited contractors that can advise, remove and dispose of asbestos in both the private and commercial sector. We always follow proper abatement procedures and processes and ensure that our entire team is properly trained throughout the year. We are licensed by the Department of Labour to remove all types of asbestos in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.
Why choose us for Asbestos Removal?
  • Safe removal procedures and processes
  • Cost-efficient
  • Experienced and reliable team
  • We offer a complete service from beginning to end
  • We handle each project professionally
  • We have tried and tested processes for the proper handling and removal of asbestos
  • We offer obligation-free quotations
  • We act in the best interests of our clients, employees and the environment at all times
  • We are approved by the Department of Employment and Labour to conduct demolition work
Our quote process:
  1. Client gets in touch with us and requests our services
  2. We conduct a site visit if required
  3. A quotation is provided to the client
  4. Client accepts quote
  5. Asbestos removal is conducted at the site in the presence of an Authorised Asbestos Inspection Authority
  6. Asbestos is removed responsibly from the site
  7. The Authorised Asbestos Inspection Authority conducts a clearance inspection
For safe and reliable asbestos abatement and removal, get in touch with our highly experienced team for advice or a quotation.